Friday, January 28, 2011

me and my bald head with my babies :)

 My shingles scar is surprisingly looking better than we all expected, still not great but when i have makeup on, it is not so noticable.:)
Me & JuJu

Reese and Mikayla

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan1st, 2011...I am home with no children because Reese is sick with the flu, and I can't be around her with a fever.It stinks to high heaven not to be able to take care of your babies when they are sick. It STINKS!! But, we are thankful there are people who can take care of them like Mimi, Popi, and Yaya. This is the first time I've gotten really angry at this cancer. It now is pissing me off..:) BUT 5 down, only 3 more to go.

The first 4 treatments were pretty much what they said it would be like. Nausea, tired, but for the most part after the first 5 days, things were ok again.I go every 2 weeks, but I got a 3 week break between my last one which helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Week 3 I felt like my old self again. Thank you Jesus.This last round is a drug called Taxol. So far no nausea, but I still have to take the neulesta shot which make you feel very sore. Like the worst flu you ever had, or like you've been in a car wreck. Literally every bone in your body hurts. The shot boosts your immune system, so the hurt is good. I know it is working then.

Christopher and I have lots of ideas for this year. What can we do to bring Glory to God, and give back to others. We have had our pants blessed off through out all of this. I can't imagine going through this without the support I have had. Through family, friends, and our church, they have shown Gods grace and mercy. God has answered prayers,and provided more than we could of imagined.
 Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer for our family or helped in anyway. We Love you and are very grateful! 

Now..gonna order me some Yen Ching..the steroids are kicking in..:)

Our church tea...

what a fun couple of hours. Thanks Ju-Ju for taking the kids so I could enjoy.
Reese on her true birthday.She wanted red and green pancakes for breakfast.:)

 "helping"  me make cinnamon rolls
 Christmas with Aunt B via skype

The night before Christmas,,, putting out raindeer food

The snow was beautiful.:)

 Then we came in for some gifts

Christmas day.
The best part was when Reese came downstairs to wake me up, saying " he came...he came.. Santa really came!! I DIDN'T make the naughty list!! "..:)

 Regan just wanted to sit on the boxes  :)
 The chairs were a hit

 Introducing... Sparkle..

 Regan got some new panties. :)

Birthday Party

Birthday Party At Chuck-E-Cheese

 Lucy and Parker
 the girls with Kays

 The Ticket blaster!!
 she didn't care for it too much..:)

Her good friend Jack.
The party was the day we got the first snow, so not everyone was able to come,but we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who braved the roads.:)
Reese had a "birthday" party at the Olive Garden with mimi, yaya, Lindsey and Regan and I.She was a ham. After lunch, she got to go see her first movie at a theater. Tangled. It was a good day.

Snow play..

I didn't get to go out and play with them, I had to stay inside
..but next year I will..:)